Abadan, Turkmenistan

Abadan is a toun locatit near Aşgabat in the Ahal Province o Turkmenistan. It wis foondit in 1963. It wis named Büzmeýin (Roushie:Бюзмейн) till October 2002 when its name wis chynged bi Turkmenistan's preses Saparmurat Niyazov.[1] The traditional Roushie name o the toun is Bezmein (Безмейн). The toun's current mayor, Orazmyrat Garajaýew, wis ane o the approved candidates for the 2007 presidential election. There are aboot 50000 fowk livin in Abadan. There is a pouer plant where the umwhile preses o Turkmenistan Saparmyrat Niyazov uised tae wirk.


The toun is served bi a station on the naitional railway seestem.

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Coordinates: 38°03′N 58°13′E / 38.05°N 58.22°E / 38.05; 58.22