2019 European Pairlament election

The election tae the European Pairlament is bein haudit atween 23 an 26 Mey 2019 an is the nint pairlamentary election syne the first direct elections in 1979. As o 2018, a tot o 751 members o the European Pairlament (MEPs) represent mair nor 512 million fowk fae 28 member kintras.

2019 European Pairlament election

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All 751 seats to the European Parliament
376 seats needit for a majority
  (Manfred Weber) EPP Summit, 19 October 2017 (37534170170) (cropped).jpg 08. Frans Timmermans (7581827152) (cropped).jpg Guy Verhofstadt die 30 Martis 2012.jpg
Leader Manfred Weber Frans Timmermans Guy Verhofstadt
Alliance European People's Party Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

  Eickhout, Bas-9750 (cropped).jpg Ska Keller (10851856583).jpg JanZahradil.jpg Nicolas Bay 07 (cropped).jpg
Leader Bas Eickhout
Ska Keller
Jan Zahradil Nicolas Bay (pictured)
Marcel de Graaff
Alliance Greens–European Free Alliance European Conservatives and Reformists Europe of Nations and Freedom

  Nigel Farage (45718080574) (cropped).jpg 2019-04-13 Violeta Tomic by Olaf Kosinsky-0548 (cropped).jpg Nico Cué. Parteitag Die Linke Bonn, 2019 (cropped).jpg
Leader Nigel Farage[3] Violeta Tomić
Nico Cué
Alliance Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy European United Left–Nordic Green Left

President of the European Commission afore election

Jean-Claude Juncker
European People's Party

Electit President of the European Commission

Ursula von der Leyen

In Februar 2018, the European Pairlament haed votit tae decrease the nummer o MEPs fae 751 tae 705 gif the Unitit Kinrick war tae leave the European Union oan 29 Mairch 2019. Houiver, efter an eik o the Airticle 50 process,[4] the Unitit Kinrick taen pairt alangside ither EU member kintras.

The first offecial estimate o the election ootcome isdue at 23:15 CEST, wi mair updates tae be issued at 00:15 an 01:15.[5]


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