2002 Winter Olympics

The 2002 Winter Olympics, offeecially the XIX Olympic Winter Gemmes (French: Les XIXes Jeux olympiques d'hiver) an commonly kent as Salt Lake 2002, war a winter multi-sport event that wis celebratit in Februar 2002 in an aroond Salt Lake City, Unitit States.

XIX Olympic Winter Gemmes
2002 Winter Olympics logo.svg
Host ceetySalt Lake City, Utah, Unitit States
MottoLight The Fire Within
Naitions pairteecipatin78[1]
Athletes pairteecipatin2,399 (1,513 men, 886 weemen)[2]
Events78 in 7 sports (15 disciplines)
Closin ceremonyFebruar 24
Offeecially appened biPreses George W. Bush
Athlete's OathJim Shea
Judge's OathAllen Church
Olympic TorchMembers o the 1980 USA hockey team, led bi team caiptain Mike Eruzione


  1. The IOC site for the 2002 Winter Olympic Gemmes gies figur o 77 pairteecipated NOCs, houever ane can coont 78 naitions leuking throu offeecial results o 2002 Gemmes Part 1 Archived 2014-01-03 at the Wayback Machine, Part 2 Archived 2014-01-18 at the Wayback Machine, Part 3 Archived 2014-01-18 at the Wayback Machine. Probably this is consequence that Costa Rica's delegation o ane athlete jyned the Gemmes efter the Openin Ceremony, or this is consequence that Puerto Rico delegation o twa athletes did nae stairt in the twa-man bobsleigh event.
  2. "The Olympic Winter Games Factsheet" (PDF). International Olympic Committee. Retrieved 5 August 2012.