Zifta: (Arabic زفتى) (kent as "Zefta" an aw) is an Egyptian toun in the Nile delta, belongin tae the Gharbia Govrenorate. It is athort the nile frae Mit Ghamr in the Dakahlia Govrenorate.



Zifta is weel kent in the modern Egyptian history during the 1919 uprising, lately cawed Egyptian Revolution o 1919, when the Bretish occupation expelled Saad Zaghloul Pasha oot o Egypt alang ither leaders o Wafd Party an wur exilled tae Malta, the fowk o Zifta, lead bi Youssef El Guindi, gathered and declared their unthirldom o the croun and named it Zifta Republic.

Zifta, is the location o ane o th Nile barrages built durin 1881-1952 tae control the Nile flow.

Zifta, is the birth place o mony weel kent fowk, for example:
Kimon Evan Marengo, Mostafa Kamal Tolba an Mostafa El-Sayed.

Coordinates: 30°43′N 31°15′E / 30.717°N 31.250°E / 30.717; 31.250