Yearning (baund)

This airticle is aboot the baund Yearning. For ither uises, see Yearning.

OreiginRiihimäki, Finland
GenresAtmospheric doom metal, gothic metal[1]
Years active1994–2010
LabelsHoly Records
Associate actsAbsent Silence
Carcase Inc.
Count de Nocte
Frozen Stream
Hin Onde
Let Me Dream
Medieval Art
Nocturnal Winds
Twilight Ophera
The Zombi
Past membersJuhani Palomäki
Toni Kristian
Tero Kalliomäki
Mr. Woodland
Lady Tiina Ahonen
Aki Kuusinen

Yearning wis an atmospheric doom metal baund frae Finland. Durin its career the baund released five studio albums an ane demo, the latter bein released while the baund wis still cawed Flegeton.


Yearning wis formed in 1994 unner the name "Flegeton". The original line-up consistit o Juhani Palomäki on guitars an vocals an Toni Kristian on drums. The baund startit tae write their awn muisic an suin Tero Kalliomäki joined the baund as a guitarist. Suin efter, Flegeton made a 4-track tape titled "Through the Desolate Lands", but it wis niver widely distributit.

In Julie 1995, Flegeton, wi a new bass player, Mr. Woodland (aka Petri Salo), went intae MDM studios tae record their demo "The Temple of Sagal". The demo received praise frae enthusiasts o melancholy muisic. It an aa got the attention o the French record company Holy Records, which Flegeton contractit wi for twa full-length studio albums.

In Februar 1996, the baund went intae Tico-Tico Studios tae record some new material. At this point, the baund wis renamed Yearning, since the baund believed that their auld name didna fit their muisic onymair. They an aa recordit the sang "Autumn Funeral" durin these sessions. ”Autumn Funeral” appears on the Holy Records compilation album The Holy Bible.

Atween September 16 an September 29, 1996, Yearning recordit their first album, With Tragedies Adorned in Tico-Tico Studios. The album wis ingineered an produced bi Ahti Kortelainen.[1][3] The album wis released on Februar 28, 1997 an durin the follaein ware the baund wis busy promotin their newly-released album an performin live.

The baund went intae the same studio again on October 18 an October 19, 1997 tae record a cover o the Paradise Lost sang "Eternal" which woud appear on a Paradise Lost tribute album released on Holy Records. Efterwards, Yearning did their first European tour in December 1997 an Januar 1998. They toured alang wi the baunds Nightfall an Sup.

In August an September 1998, Yearning entered Tico-Tico studios again tae record their seicont studio album, Plaintive Scenes. It woud eventually be released in Februar 1999. The year 1999 woud awso mark the departure o three members, guitarist Tero Kalliomäki, bassist Mr. Woodland, an flutist an female vocalist Lady Tiina Ahonen. They left acause o personal an muisical disagreements. Efter several big fechts,[1] Yearning's line-up nou consistit o Juhani Palomäki handlin vocal, guitar, bass guitar, an keyboard duties, while Toni Kristian wis still on percussion.

The stript line-up went intae Tico Tico Studios in Mey 2000 tae record their third studio album Frore Meadow. Alang wi the change in line-up, the muisic changed as well, takin mair influence frae progressive rock, gothic metal, an classical muisic. Frore Meadow wis released through Holy Records on Januar 15, 2001. Due tae changes in line-up, Yearning haed tae recruit muisicians tae play live, endin up wi Matti S. on guitar, Jani Loikas on bass, an Jouni Jormanainen (Jouni Huttunen since 2007) on keyboards. The live line-up woud remain unchanged for the next 9 years. In 2001 Yearning an aa toured Fraunce wi labelmates Gloomy Grim an Misanthrope.

Yearning did no perform actively durin 2002 but new material wis composed an arranged vera carefully durin the time o silence. The ootcome woud result in Yearning's fowert studio album, Evershade. The album wis recordit durin Juin 2003 in Astia Studios with Anssi Kippo as a co-producer. Evershade wis released at the end o September 2003. Yearning performed live twice efter the release o this album, ane concert in Helsinki, an anither in Riihimäki, the baund's hametoun.

Wi the release o Evershade, the contract wi Holy Records came tae an end, leavin Yearning athoot a record company. The baund negotiatit wi several labels, includin Holy Records, on upcomin releases, but mony o these negotiations wur unproductive an nane lead tae a satisfactory result. Durin this time Yearning wis rather inactive, performin live anerlie occasionally – partially due tae the fact that the baund's drummer an ither foondin member Toni Kristian haed developt a serious addiction problem. Still, durin this seemingly quiet period, new material wis bein written an contract negotiations wur bein held. Eventually, Toni Kristian wis replaced wi Aki Kuusinen an a ane-album contract affer frae Holy Records wis acceptit.

Wi a new contract in pocket, Yearning headit intae D-studio in Klaukkala, Finland wi muisical ingineer Olli Haaranen (awso kent as the guitarist for Colosseum) tae record their fift studio album Merging into Landscapes. Recordin teuk place atween Mairch 3 an Mairch 23, 2007. The album wis mixed bi Jarno Hänninen an mastered at Elektra Mastering. Guest muisicians on the album includit Tiina Sitomaniemi, who sang awso on Plaintive Scenes, an Tuukka Koskinen, lead vocalist o Saattue an Let Me Dream. Merging into Landscapes wis released Julie 1, 2007.

Juhani Palomäki dee'd on 15 Mey 2010.[4] Juhani wis the primus motor an the ae remainin full-time foondin member o Yearning, hence the baund nae langer exists efter his daith. The ither members (official or live) hae decidit no tae perform as Yearning nor play Yearning material athoot Juhani.


Final line-upEedit

  • Juhani Palomäki - vocals, guitars (1994 - 2010), bass guitar, keyboards (1999 - 2010)
  • Aki Kuusinen - drums, percussion (c.2005 - 2010)

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