The uterus (frae Laitin "uterus", plural uteri) or womb is a major female hormone-responsive reproductive sex organ o maist mammals, includin humans. Ane end, the cervix, opens intae the vagina, while the ither is connectit tae ane or both fallopian tubes, (uterine tubes) dependin on the species. It is within the uterus that the fetus develops during gestation, uisually developin completely in placental mammals such as humans an partially in marsupials such as kangaroos an opossums.

Figure 28 02 01.JPG
Image showing different structures around and relating to the human uterus.
PrecursorMüllerian duct
ArteryOvarian artery, uterine artery
VeinUterine veins
LymphBody an cervix tae internal iliac lymph nodes, fundus tae para-aortic lymph nodes, lumbar an superficial inguinal lymph nodes.
LaitinUterus (Greek: Hystera)
Anatomical terminology
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