Winston Peters (born 11 Aprile 1945 in Whangarei) is a New Zealand politeecian, an a member o the kintra’s pairlament in Wellington, representin the pairty New Zealand First. He is a leet member o the pairlament unner the proportional representation seestem. He is the chief o his pairty forbye, syne its foondin in 1993. He held the affice o Deputy Prime meenister frae 1996 tae 1998, an foreign meenister frae 2005 tae 2008, an haes held baith poseetions again unner Jacinda Ardern's Labour-led coaleetion syne October 2017. He is an aa expectit tae fulfil the duties o Prime meenister when Ardern gies birth in Juin 2018.

Winston Peters in 2017