Wikipedians are fowk who write an eedit the pages for Wikipaedia, unlik readers wha simply read the airticles. Onybuddy can be a Wikipaedian—includin ye. Juist click the eedit airtin at the tap o ony page, or at the beginnin o each section.

Nummer o editorsEedit

The nummer o named accoonts is currently 101,299.[1] Juist a minority o accoont haulders are regular contreibutors, an juist a minority o those uisers interact in discussions aboot the commonty. An unkent number o unregistered Wikipaedians aw contribute to the site.

Uiser statusEedit

Based on user richts, thare are the follaein uiser groups[2]: [Purge]

  • Administrators: 3
  • Account creators: 0
  • Autopatrowers: 0
  • Bots: 52
  • Bureaucrats: 0
  • Checkuisers: 0
  • Confirmed uisers: 0
  • Importers: 0
  • IP block exemptions: 3
  • Owersichters: 0
  • Rowbackers: 15
  • Stewards: 0
  • Transwiki importers: 0

It should be notit that some uiser groups (such as stewards) act globally an thus thay dinna get local flags an local richts.


  1. This nummer is dynamically updatit wi the magic wird NUMBEROFUSERS
  2. These nummers are dynamically updatit wi the magic wird NUMBERINGROUP:groupname