Wikipedia:Whit Wikipedia isna

Wikipædia is an online encyclopædia an an online commonty; but there monie things that Wikipædia isna.

Whit the encyclopædia isnaEdit

Wikipædia isna paperEdit

Wikipædia isna a dictionarEdit

Dinna mak ony airticles that's adae wi the meenin o a wird itslane. Wikipædia's an encyclopaedia, no a dictionar!

Wikipædia isna a saipboxEdit

The Wikipædia isna a place for ye tae post yer ain feelins, thochts, or conceits. This is cryed "Pynt o view" or POV. Ye maun stick tae the facts an no lat yer personal opeinions get in the wey o whit ye'r talkin aboot.

Wikipædia isna a reflecter o a depose for airtins, picturs, or media fylesEdit

Wikipædia isna a free host or wabspace providerEdit

Wikipædia isna a depose for general knawledgeEdit

Wikipædia isna a spaein-baaEdit

Wikipædia isna censored for bairnsEdit

The teetle says it aa. We dinna censor Wikipædia for bairns. Acause Wikipædia is free an open tae us aa, an oniebodie is free tae edit it an mak chynges forbye, we cannae keep a watch on aa the airticles that gets postit here. Gin ye dinnae like whit ye see, dinna be moanin aboot it, sin there no a blind thing we can dae!

Whit the commonty isnaEdit

Wikipædia isna an airt for rammiesEdit

Wikipædia isna anarchieEdit

Aiblins forby the spellin!

Wikipædia isna a democracieEdit

Wikipædia isna a bureaucracieEdit