Acause thare is no yet a consensus on whit we shuid be cawin this notability policy in Scots (see here), aw 'notable' an 'notability' mentions will be pit ower later.

On Scots Wikipedia, 'notability' is a pree uised bi editors to decide gif topics ar wirdy o thur ane airticle. Tak tent, that 'notability' on Scots Wikipedia is foondit regairdless o whit happens on ither Wikipedias.

Whit Scots Wikipedia is and is noEedit

 Y  Scots Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia scrieved in the Scots leid wi a e'en-haundit threapin.
 N  Scots Wikipedia is no aboot descrivin meanins o wirds (apairt frae the define namespace).
 N  Scots Wikipedia is no aboot setten forth original pense.
 N  Scots Wikipedia is no a pupit for promotin hings.
 N  Scots Wikipedia is no a mirror or kist o airtins, images, or media.
 N  Scots Wikipedia is no a blog, wab host, social netwirk or siklik.
 N  Scots Wikipedia is no a inventar.
 N  Scots Wikipedia is no a guidebuke, textbuke or science journal.
 N  Scots Wikipedia is no for jalousin.
 N  Scots Wikipedia is no a newspaper.
 N  Scots Wikipedia is no a hatteral.
 N  Scots Wikipedia is no a censor.

Ettlin for airticlesEedit

Airticles on Scots Wikipedia maun be:


  • For topics or airticles ti be 'notable' thare maun be a wheen o soorces available that ar suithfast an sinder frae the topic itsel.
  • At least twa references frae sindry soorces, nae connectit tae the topic in quaisten, is needit.

In braid ScotsEedit

  • The prose o airticles sud be scrieved in braid Scots.
  • Exemptiouns ti this (e.g. proper nouns) ar decidit in sindry policies or airticle collogues.

Capable o bein substantiousEedit

  • 'Notability' o topics an airticles on Scots Wikipedia is foondit regairdless o whit happens on ither Wikipedias.
  • If ye can anely scroll twa-three sentences anent a topic, it isnae 'notable' eneuch for its ane airticle.
  • Topics sud kythe 'notability' throu scrollin o braid airticles afore sindry lane airticles are stairtit.
  • Lik, ane paragraph on the newlin album o Lewis Capaldi shuid no be a new article, but eikit tae thair ane airticle an biggit up frae thare.

Speirin 'notability'Eedit

Topics an airticles no fulfillin the abuin standart will no be hained. Thay will aither be melled wi anither airticle or deletit.

If ye jalous that a topic or airticle isnae 'notable', ye shuid leuk for soorces yersel. If ye cannae dae that, or nane ar foond ye shuid:

  1. Speir the airticle creator ti heeze it up (e.g. provide soorces or stent oot the screed). Thare ar template uiser notices here.
  2. Than eik a {{notability}} tag ti mak ithers awaur.
  3. Record yer rasions on the airticle's collogue page.
  4. Seiven days ar than gien ti mak impruivments that kythe 'notability'. The tag shuidna be taen awa in that week.
  5. Syne, action maun be taen tae mell wi anither airticle or delete it if nae impruivments war made.