Wikipedia:Featurt airticles

Featurt airticles are considert tae be the heichest quality airticles on Wikipaedia. Thay ar waled frae a selection o airticles that hae the guid airticle status. The airticles that currently hae Guid Airticle status ar:

* indicates the airticle haes been waled as a featurt airticle

Leet o Featurt AirticlesEedit

/Airchive 1 (Februar 2014-September 2020)
/Airchive 2 (October 2020-)

Nomination o airticles for Guid Airticle statusEedit

Gin there is an airticle ye believe shid be gien Guid Airticle status, pit it ablo fur discussion.

Some guidelines, taen fae enwiki til we kin sort oot oor ain:

1 Weel wrate - the airticle is clear in its prose, haes guid spellin an grammar an keeps tae the same byleid throuoot the piece
2 Verifiable - facts ar backed up wi verifiable an reliable soorces. Inline citations ar uised. It haes nae oreeginal resairch, nae copyrichtit material an nae plagiarism
3 Braid coverage - the airticle addresses the main aspects o the topic an stays focused on the topic wioot gaun intae unnecessary details
4 Neutral - the airticle represents aa viewpynts fair an wioot bias, an gies due wecht tae ilk
5 Stable - it disnae change rapidly fae day til day due tae edit warrin or content disputes
6 Illustratit bi media, gin possible - media is relevant tae the topic an captiont appropriately an aa media is taggit wi the appropriate copyricht tag an rationale gin uisin nonfree media


Iss airticle wis featurt in featurt Mey 2007 unner the auld AotW seestem. As the discussion aat deleetit aa the auld FAs wis focussed on 2014-2020, a'm leetin iss fur GA status as a remuived the FA tag sae we cid hae a clean slate.

  • Oppone - Ootdated an incomplete. Nae mention ae the Glesga Hawks fur ensaumple an the Transport section jist mentions it haes unnergroon transport CiphriusKane (tauk) 09:28, 28 November 2020 (UTC)