The Watter o Ken is a river in the historical coonty o Kirkcoubrieshire in Gallowa, soothwast Scotland. It rises on Blacklorg Hill, nor'east o Cairnsmore o Carsphairn in the Carsphairn Hills, an flowes southwastwart intil the Glenkens glen, passin throu Carsfad Loch an Earlstoun Loch, baith o whit is teppit tae supply the Galloway Hydro Electric Scheme. Fae there, the river flowes sooth, passin St John's Toun o Dalry an New Gallowa, afore braidenin tae form the 9-mile lang Loch Ken. The Black Watter o Dee ingangs haufwey doon the loch an aw, an fae Glenlochar, at the sooth end o the loch, the river conteenas as the Dee taewart Kirkcoubrie an the coast.

Watter o Ken
The Watter o Ken upstream fae Heich Brig o Ken
Main sourceBlacklorg Hill
River moothLoch Ken

Coordinates: 55°04′N 4°09′W / 55.067°N 4.150°W / 55.067; -4.150