Watermael-Boitsfort (French) or Watermaal-Bosvoorde (Dutch) is ane o the nineteen municipalities locatit in the Brussels-Caipital Region in Belgium.

Watermael-Boitsfort municipality in the Brussels-Caipital Region

On 1 Januar 2006 the municipality haed a tot population o 24,056. Its tot aurie is 12.93 km² which gies it a population density o 1,860 indwallers per km². It is the lawest population density o the 19 communities in the Brussels-Caipital Region.

The Toun Haw

Watermael-Boitsfort is in the sooth o the caipital an borders the communes o Uccle, Auderghem an Ixelles as well as the province o Flemish Brabant. The Sonian Forest (Forêt de Soignes or Zoniënwoud) covers amaist 60% o the municipality.

The municipality is twinned wi Chantilly in Fraunce, Annan in Scotland an Hegyvidék in Hungary.

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Michel Roger Lafosse, false claimant tae the Scottis throne, wis born in the commune in 1958, but wis niver a resident.

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