Warner Bros.

(Reguidit frae Warner Bros. Pictures)

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., umwhile kent as Warner Bros. Studios, commonly referred tae as Warner Bros. (spelled Warner Brothers during the company's early years), or simply WB—is an American producer o film, telly, an muisic entertainment.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Subsidiary o Time Warner
FoonditAprile 4, 1923[1]
FoonderAlbert Warner
Harry Warner
Sam Warner
Jack Warner
HeidquartersBurbank, Californie, U.S.
Key fowk
ProductsMotion pictures, televeesion programs, video gemmes
RevenueIncreaseUS$ 12.992 billion (2015)[2]
IncreaseUS$ 1.416 billion (2015)
Nummer o employees
Est. 8,000 (2014)[3]
ParentIndependent (1918–1967)
Warner Bros.-Seven Arts (1967–1970)
Kinney National Company (1970–1972)
Warner Communications (1972–1990)
Time Warner (1990–2001, 2003-Present)
AOL Time Warner (2001–2003)


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