Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., umwhile kent as Warner Bros. Studios, commonly referred tae as Warner Bros. (spelled Warner Brothers during the company's early years), or simply WB—is an American producer o film, telly, an muisic entertainment.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Subsidiary o Time Warner
FoonditAprile 4, 1923[1]
FoonderAlbert Warner
Harry Warner
Sam Warner
Jack Warner
HeidquartersBurbank, Californie, U.S.
Key fowk
ProductsMotion pictures, televeesion programs, video gemmes
RevenueIncreaseUS$ 12.992 billion (2015)[2]
IncreaseUS$ 1.416 billion (2015)
Nummer o employees
Est. 8,000 (2014)[3]
ParentIndependent (1918–1967)
Warner Bros.-Seven Arts (1967–1970)
Kinney National Company (1970–1972)
Warner Communications (1972–1990)
Time Warner (1990–2001, 2003-Present)
AOL Time Warner (2001–2003)
Logo usit from 2019 tae 2023


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