Walter Kennedy (ca. 1455 – 1518?) wis a Scots makar associatit wi the Renaissance coort o James IV. He is aiblins maist weel kent as the defendant agin William Dunbar in The Flyting of Dumbar and Kennedie, but his survivin warks clearly shaw him tae hae been an accomplishit "maister" in mony genres.[1] It is likely that a signeeficant body o poetry bi him haes been lost.

Walter Kennedy
Personal details
EddicationGlesga University 1476)
Leids spokenMiddle Scots leid
Middle Inglis leid
Thriftpoetan screiver
Notable wirkThe Passioun of Crist (en) Owerset

His maist impressive survivin poem is The Passioun of Crist.

References eedit

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