Destricts o Helsinki. Kampinmalmi heichlichtit

Vironniemi (Swadish: Estnäs) is a destrict o Helsinki, Finland, formin the core pairt o the ceety centre, thus the central location o the Finnish govrenmental an financial decision makkin an aw, an the location o Helsinki's maist important kirkes. Vironniemi is the location o the Presidential Palace, the Palace o the Finnish Cooncil o State, the Senate Square, the Helsinki Cathedral, the Uspenski Cathedral an the main office o the Bank o Finland.

Ither important steids in the destrict include the main biggin o the University o Helsinki, the Helsinki Ceety Haw, the Helsinki Central railwey station an the Helsinki main post office. Mony banks an corporations hae their heidquarters in Vironniemi, an the Sokos an Stockmann depairtment stores an Sanomatalo, the main office o Helsingin Sanomat, Finland's lairgest newspaper, are foond thare an aw. A pairt o the core o Finland's cultural life is foond here an aw: the Naitional Library o Finland, the Finnish Naitional Theatre, Ateneum an Kiasma. The Helsinki Music Hoose is being constructit in the aurie.


Oreeginally, a narrae bay cried Kluuvinlahti extended sooth o Töölönlahti, reachin the steid o present-day Esplanadi. At that time, the name Vironniemi meant the aurie eastwairds o the bay mentioned abuin.

The birth o the Helsinki centre the day dates back tae 1640. At that time, the ceety centre was muivit tae Vironniemi frae its birthplace at the mooth o the Vantaa river, the location o the present-day district o Vanhakaupunki.

The ceety grew an developit. It can still be seen: Auld biggins datin back tae the 18t an 19t century form aboot a quairter o the biggins currently in the destrict. Still in the 1850s, construction o the ceety wis mainly focused in the Vironniemi aurie an sooth o it.

When the Kluuvinlahti bay was gradually filled in the 19t century, the name Vironniemi wis disuised in aw except historical contexts. Anerlie in the 1980s the name wis restored, as the name o the main destrict, when diveesion o the ceety intae main destricts wis established.

Destricts an neebourin destricts o VironniemiEedit

The main destrict o Vironniemi is dividit intae three individual destricts: Kruununhaka, Kluuvi an Katajanokka.

Neebourin destricts include Kaartinkaupunki in the Ullanlinna main destrict tae the sooth, Kamppi an Etu-Töölö in the Kampinmalmi main destrict tae the wast, Siltasaari athort the Pitkäsilta brig in the Kallio main destrict tae the north, an Sörnäinen to the east o the aforementioned destrict athort the mair eastren Hakaniemi brig.

Office an hame tae thoosansEedit

Vironniemi is a vera important employer (35040 offices, as o 31 December 2003) an the hame o 11242 Helsinkians (as o early 2005) an aw. Ower 80% o the destrict's apairtments hae been built afore 1960, an a little ower 10% in the 1980s[1], when production o new apairtments wis being directit towards Katajanokka.

The education level o the inhabitants o the destrict is the heichest o aw main destricts in the ceety - 36.4% o the inhabitants hae a university degree.[1] 10.6% o the destrict's inhabitants are native Swadish-speakin (as o 1 Januar 2005), which is clearly heicher than the ceety average. The unemployment rate is vera law an the income level is abuin average.

Traffic connections in the destrict are excellent. Vironniemi is the endpoint or transit point o mony tram, bus, train an ferry routes. Twa o the stations o the Helsinki metro - the Rautatientori metro station an the Kaisaniemi metro station are locatit in the aurie. Traffic routes - streets, the rail yard an the piers - hae taken up aboot 45% o the laund aurie o the core o the ceety centre.


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Vironniemi as seen from a satellite