Valga Coonty

Valga Coonty (Estonie: Valga maakond), or Valgamaa, is ane o 15 coonties o Estonie. Its caipital is Valga, which is locatit on the Estonie-Latvie border. It is situatit in soothren pairt o the kintra an borders Põlva Coonty an Võru Coonty tae the east, Latvie tae the sooth an tae the wast, Viljandi Coonty an Tartu Coonty tae the north. 34,135 fowk live in Valga Coonty – constitutin 2.5% o the total population in Estonie (as o Januar 2009).[1]

Valga Coonty
Banner o Valga Coonty
Coat of airms o Valga Coonty
Coat airms
Location of Valga Coonty
 • GovrenorMargus Lepik
 • Total2044 km2 (789 sq mi)
 (Jan 2009[1])
 • Total34,135
 • Density17/km2 (43/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeEE-82

Coonty GovrenmentEedit

The Coonty Govrenment (Estonie: Maavalitsus) is led bi Govrenor (Estonie: maavanem), who is appointit bi the Govrenment o Estonie for a term o five years.


The coonty is subdividit intae municipalities. Thare are 2 urban municipalities (Estonie: linnad – touns) an 11 landwart municipalities (Estonie: vallad – pairishes) in Valga Coonty.

Municipalities o Valga Coonty

Urban municipalities:

Landwart municipalities:


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