Urinary bladder

The urinary bladder is the organ that collects urine excretit bi the kidneys afore disposal bi urination.

Urinary bladder
Urinary system.svg
1. Human urinary seestem: 2. Kidney, 3. Renal pelvis, 4. Ureter, 5. Urinary bladder, 6. Urethra. (Left side wi frontal section)
7. Adrenal gland
Vessels: 8. Renal artery an vein, 9. Inferior vena cava, 10. Abdominal aorta, 11. Common iliac artery an vein
With transparency: 12. Liver, 13. Large intestine, 14. Pelvis
2605 The Bladder.jpg
Female bladder (veesible due tae lack o prostate), shswing transeetional epithelium as well as pairt o the waw in a histological cut-oot.
Precursorurogenital sinus
SystemUrinary seestem
ArterySuperior vesical artery
Inferior vesical artery
Umbilical artery
Vaginal artery
VeinVesical venous plexus
NerveVesical nervous plexus
Laitinvesica urinaria
Urinary bladder
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