Turkis coffee

Turkis coffee (Turkis: Türk kahvesi) is a method o preparin unfiltered coffee.[1][2] Roastit and then finely grund coffee beans are simmered (nae boiled) in a pot (cezve), optionally wi sucar, an served in a cup whaur the grunds are allaed tae settle. When served plain, the bitter coffee is tradeetionally accompanied bi a sweet, such as a piece o rock candy or lokum.

Turkish coffee
Türk Kahvesi - Bakir Cezve.jpg
A cup o Turkis coffee, served frae a capper cezve, in Turkey.
Kintra o originTurkey
ColourDark broun

Turkis coffee is an Intangible Cultural Heritage o Turkey confirmed bi UNESCO.[3]. It is consumed primarily in Anatolie, Sooth-Eastren Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus an aroond the Black Sea, aw bein regions influenced bi Ottoman cuisine.


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