(Reguidit frae Tropical)

The tropics is a region o the Yird surroonding the Equator. It is leemitit in latitude bi the Tropic o Cancer in the northren hemisphere at 23°26′10.0″ (or 23.4361°) N an the Tropic o Capricorn in the soothren hemisphere at 23°26′10.0″ (or 23.4361°) S; these latitudes correspond tae the axial tilt o the Yird. The tropics are an aa referred tae as the tropical zone an the torrid zone (see geografical zone). The tropics include aw the auries on the Yird whaur the Sun reaches a subsolar pynt, a pynt directly owerheid at least ance durin the solar year.

Warld map wi the tropics heichlichted in reid

The tropics are distinguished frae the other climatic an biomatic regions of Yird, the middle latitudes an the polar regions on either side o the equatorial zone.