Tripura /ˈtrɪprə/ is a state in North East Indie. The third-smawest state in the kintra, it covers 10,491 km2 (4,051 sq mi) an is bordered bi Bangladesh tae the north, sooth, an wast, an the Indie states o Assam an Mizoram tae the east. As o 2011, the state haed 3,671,032 residents, constitutin 0.3% o the kintra's population. Indigenous commonties, kent in Indie as scheduled tribes, form aboot 30 per cent o Tripura's population. The Kokborok-speakin Tripuri fowk are the major group amang 19 tribes an mony subtribes; Bengali fowk form the ethno-linguistic majority.


Location o Tripura in Indie
Location o Tripura in Indie
Map o the Tripura state showin aicht destricts
Map o Tripura state, showin its aicht destricts
Establisht21 Januar 1972
Maist populous ceetyAgartala
 • GovrenorDevanand Konwar[1]
 • Chief MeenisterBiplab Kumar Deb[2] (BJP)
 • LegislaturUnicameral (60 seats)
 • Pairlamentar constituency2
 • Heich CourtTripura Heich Court
 • Total10491.69 km2 (4,050.86 sq mi)
Area rank26t
 • Total3,671,032
 • Rank21st
 • Density350/km2 (910/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+05:30 (IST)
ISO 3166 codeIN-TR
HDIIncrease 0.663 (medium)
HDI rank18t (2006)
Leeteracy87.75 per cent (3rd)
Offeecial leidsBengali, Kokborok


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