Timor is an island at the soothren end o Maritime Sootheast Asie, north o the Timor Sea. It is dividit atween the independent state o East Timor, an Wast Timor, belangin tae the Indonesian province o East Nusa Tenggara. The island's surface is 30,777 square kilometres. The name is a variant o timur, Malay for "east"; it is so cried acause it is at the east end o a chain o islands.

File:Timor island2.png
Timor as seen frae space in 1989
Tap: Poleetical diveesion o Timor atween Indonesie an East Timor
Bottom: Location o Timor in Indonesie
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LocationSooth East Asie
Coordinates9°14′S 124°56′E / 9.233°S 124.933°E / -9.233; 124.933Coordinates: 9°14′S 124°56′E / 9.233°S 124.933°E / -9.233; 124.933
Aurie30,777 km2 (11,883 sq mi)
Aurie rank44t
Heichest elevation2,963 m (9,720 ft)
Pop. density94.5 /km2 (244.8 /sq mi)