The High Life (1994 TV series)

The series follaed the cabin crew at th fictional airline, Air Scotia, flying oot o Prestwick Airport. The crew consisted o the camp, alcohol-loving, narcissistic an vindictive steward, Sebastian, his sex-obsessed colleague Steve; thair up-tight, antagonistic Chief Stewardess, Shona Spurtle; an the eccentric pilot, captain Hilary Duff.

The High Life
Creautit biAlan Cumming and Forbes Masson
StarninAlan Cumming
Forbes Masson
Siobhan Redmond
Patrick Ryecart
Kintra o oreeginScotland
No. o episodes6 (+1 pilot)
Lenth30 minutes
Oreeginal networkBBC2
Oreeginal release9 January 1994, 6 January 1995 – 10 February 1995
Glesga Prestwick Airport, the settin fur the shaw.

The High Life is a Scots situation comedy written bi an starring Forbes Masson as Steve McCracken an Alan Cumming as Sebastian Flight. [1]Cumming an Masson met at the Royal Scots Academy of Music and Drama in Glesga an efter loads o solo projects tae create the theatrical BBC sitcom, The High Life. [2] The twa leads wur based heavily oan thair Scots comedy alter-egos, Victor an Barry.

Forbes Masson
Alan Cumming September 2013

Cast and Crew eedit


  • Alan Cumming - Writer
  • Forbes Masson - Writer
  • Tony Dow - Director (pilot)
  • Angela deChastelai Smith - Director (series)
  • Tony Dow - Producer

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