The Hector Collectors

Scottish band

The Hector Collectors are a Scots Comedy Rock baund frae Motherwal. They wur formed in 2000[1] bi Adam J Smith and Iain Smith, who wasnae relatit, but there was already a baund cawed The Smiths so they chose the next best nemme.

The Hector Collectors
OreiginGlesga, Scotland
GenresComedy Rock
Years active
  • 2000-present
  • Jam Jar, Stolenwine
Associate acts
  • Adam J Smith
  • Iain Smith
  • Chris Elkin
  • Joseph Greatorex
  • Gavin Dunbar
Past members
  • Duncan Robertson
  • Paul McDermott

Their debut album Straight Outta Comprehensive gae them naitional airplay on Radio One acause of DJ John Peel[2], he played their sang four time[3].

Discography Eedit

Studio albums
  • Straight Outta Comprehensive (2001, Jam Jar)
  • Tantric New Romantic (2002)
  • Dollification (2004, Stolenwine)
  • The Boring Album (2017)
  • Remember the Hector Collectors? .​.​You Won't Believe What They Sound Like Now! (2018)
  • Numbers by Hectors (2020)
Live albums
  • University Challenge (2012)
  • Do the "Ad Hominem" with the Hector Collectors! (2020)
  • Quest For Web of Fear 5" (2013)
  • Edgelords (2018)
  • It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a 25 Minute Response Video to DESTROY your Argument (2019)

Soorces Eedit

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