Tetuán (Madrid)

Tetuán is a destrict o Madrid, Spain. The destrict takes its name frae Tétouan, Morocco, which wis the caipital o the umwhile Spaingie protectorate in northren Morocco.

Pairtial view o the Tetuán destrict. In the backgrund, the Puerta de Europa [1] inclined biggins
Pairtial view o the Tetuán destrict. In the backgrund, the Puerta de Europa [1] inclined biggins
Location of Tetuán
KintraSpain Spain
Aut. commontyFlag of the Community of Madrid.svg Madrid
MunicipalityEscudo de Madrid.svg Madrid
 • Total5.38 km2 (2.08 sq mi)
 • Density28888/km2 (74,820/sq mi)
Madrid destrict nummer6



The destrict is admeenistratively dividit intae 6 wairds (Barrios):


When Leopoldo O'Donnell returned wi his forces tae Spain efter the Battle o Tétouan (1861), he campit at a spot north o Madrid while a triumphal entry intae the caipital wis bein arrangit. The camp, which acquired permanent structurs as well as shops ower time, became the Madrid neebourheid kent as "Tetuán de las Victorias" (Tetuan o the Victories). When a admeenistrative reorganisation teuk place in the 60s, some o the veelages close tae Madrid which haed been reached bi Madrid's enormous growing due tae francoist politics wur joined tae Madrid, an so Tetuán de las Victorias became a destrict in the bigger ceety o Madrid.


Some auries o Tetuán hae vera auld hooses, an tharefore it is inhabitit bi mony immigrants frae Sooth Americae an Sub-Saharan Africae. But thare are locatit in the destrict some o the maist relevant skyscrapers o the ceety an aw, such as the Picasso Touer, makkin it a important business aurie.

Tetuán is the location for the Madrid Central Mosque, the seicont biggest mosque in Madrid, an is a centre o Islamic cultur an releegion in Spain.


  1. Translatit as "Gate o Europe"

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