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Scots skillsEedit

Hullo an walcome. A wid recommend makin a uiser page tae add yer level o Scot skills by copyin an pastein the yin ablo that fits ye best.

Copy an paste yin o thir Skill options
{{user sco-0}} This uiser disna ken the wey tae spick Scots.
{{user sco-1}} This uiser can contreebute wi a laich level o Scots..
{{user sco-2}} This uiser can contreibute wi a middlin level o Scots.
{{user sco-3}} This uiser can contreibute wi a heich level o Scots.
{{user sco-4}} This uiser's the stang o the trump whan it comes tae contreebutin in Scots.
{{user sco}} This uiser haes Scots as a mither tung.