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Warld War II

Warld War II, or the Seicont Warld War (aften abbreviatit as WWII or WW2), wis a global war that began in 1939 an endit in 1945. It involved the vast majority o the warld's naitions—includin aw o the great pouers—eventually formin twa opponin military alliances: the Allies an the Axis. It wis the maist widespread war in history, an directly involved mair nor 100 million fowk frae ower 30 kintras. In a state o "tot war", the major participants threw thair entire economic, industrial, an scienteefic capabilities ahind the war effort, erasin the distinction atween ceevilian an militar resoorces. Merked bi mass daiths o ceevilians, includin the Holocaust (during whilk approximately 11 million fowk war killt) an the strategic bombin o industrial an population centres (during whilk approximately ane million fowk war killt, includin the uise o twa nuclear wappens in combat), it resulted in an estimatit 50 million tae 85 million fatalities. These made Warld War II the deadliest conflict in human history. (Full airticle...)