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Reid tod

The reid tod is the lairgest o the true tods an the maist abundant member o the Carnivora, bein distributit across the entire Northren Hemisphere frae the Arctic Circle tae North Africae, Central Americae an Asie. It is listed as least concern bi the IUCN. Its range haes increased alangside human expansion, haein been introduced tae Australie, whaur it is considered harmfu tae native mammals an bird populations. Due tae its presence in Australia, it is included amang the leet o the "warld's 100 worst invasive species".

The reid tod oreeginatit frae smawer-sized ancestors frae Eurasie in the Middle Villafranchian period, an colonised North Americae shortly efter the Wisconsin glaciation. Amang the true tods, the reid tod represents a mair progressive form in the direction o carnivory. Apart frae its lairge size, the reid tod is distinguished frae ither tod species bi its abeelity tae adapt quickly tae new environments. Despite its name, the species eften produces individuals wi ither colourins, includin albinos an melanists. Forty-five subspecies are currently recognised, which are dividit intae twa categories: the lairge northren tods, an the smaw, basal soothren tods o Asie an North Africae.

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