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Harry F. Byrd, Jr.

Harry Flood Byrd, Jr. (20 December 191430 Julie 2013) wis an American politeecian. He representit Virginia in the Unitit States Senate frae 1965 tae 1983.

Byrd wis born in Winchester, Virginia. He servit in the Unitit States Airmy durin World War II frae 1941 tae 1945.

Byrd servit in the Senate o Virginia frae 1948 tae November 1965. In November 1965, Byrd's faither resignit frae the Unitit States Senate for heal reasons. At Harry, Sr.'s suggestion, Harry, Jr. wis appointit tae succeed him bi Virginie Govrenor Albertis S. Harrison Jr. an won a special election as a Democrat tae serve the remainder o his faither's term in 1966.

Byrd is kent for leavin the Democratic Pairty in 1970. He acame an Independent, altho he continuit tae support the Democratic Pairty. Byrd wis the first Independent politeecian in the history o the Unitit States Senate to be electit bi a majority o the popular vote.

He wis the son o Harry F. Byrd, Sr.. He replacit his faither as senator. He retirit in 1982.

Byrd died frae heart disease at the age o 98 on 30 Julie 2013. At the time o his daith, Byrd wis the auldest livin senators in the Unitit States.