Tazacorte is a toun an a municipality on the island o La Palma, Province o Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. It is situatit near the coast, in the wastren pairt o the island. The population o the municipality is 4,911 (2013)[2] an the aurie is 11.37 km².[1] The average elevation is 60 m. Tazacorte is 2 km soothwast o Los Llanos de Aridane an 17 km wast o the island caipital Santa Cruz de La Palma. The inhabitants are kent as Bagañetes.

La Palma municipio Tazacorte.svg
Tazacorte is locatit in Canary Islands
Location in Canary Islands
Coordinates: 28°38′30″N 17°56′0″W / 28.64167°N 17.93333°W / 28.64167; -17.93333Coordinates: 28°38′30″N 17°56′0″W / 28.64167°N 17.93333°W / 28.64167; -17.93333
Autonomous commontyCanary Islands
ProvinceSanta Cruz de Tenerife
IslandLa Palma
 • Total11.37 km2 (4.39 sq mi)
 • Tot4,911
 • Density430/km2 (1,100/sq mi)

Fermlands, producin amaist exclusively bananas, occupee as hintle as 85% o the laund aurie o Tazacorte. The widespread uise, an occasional continued misuise, o insecticides haes led tae significant concern, as cancer rates for residents is heicher than naitional statistics.[3]

Historical populationEedit

Year Population
1991 6,502
1996 6,909
2001 5,062
2002 6,108
2003 6,107
2004 5,797
2013 4,911

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