Tarja Cronberg (née Mattila, born 29 Juin 1943 in Helsinki) is a Finnish politeecian an umwhile Meenister o Labour. She wis an aw a Member o the Finnish Parliament (2003–2007), representin the Green League. She wis electit as the chairperson o her pairty in 2005 an remained in this position till 2009, when she wis replacit bi Anni Sinnemäki.

Tarja Cronberg

Cronberg haes been the director o the Copenhagen Peace Research Institute. Cronberg wis born in Helsinki, Finland an currently resides in Polvijärvi. She haes twa Ph.D. degrees, in technology (frae Lund University, Swaden) an in business admeenistration (frae Copenhagen Business Schuil, Denmark). Cronberg haes wirkit in various positions in baith business an education, such as an associate professorship at the Technical University o Denmark, amang ithers.

She is fluent in seiven leids. She wis diagnosed wi breast cancer at the turn o the year 2008/2009.[1]

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Pairty poleetical offices
Precedit bi
Osmo Soininvaara
Chairperson o the Green League
Succeedit bi
Anni Sinnemäki
Poleetical offices
Precedit bi
Tarja Filatov
Minister for Labour (Finland)
Succeedit bi
Anni Sinnemäki

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