Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros.[a] is a series o crossower fechtin gemmes published bi Nintendo, that primarily featurs chairacters frae franchises established on its seestems. Aw five gemmes hae been directit bi Masahiro Sakurai.

Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros 2018 logo.svg
The series' logo as o 2018
PublishersNintendo (1999–present)
CreatorsMasahiro Sakurai
Platform o originNintendo 64
First releaseSuper Smash Bros.
Januar 21, 1999
Latest releaseSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate
December 7, 2018


Playable chairactersEedit

Fighter N64 Melee Brawl 3DS and Wii U Ultimate Franchise
Bayonetta Na Na Na DLC   Bayonetta
Bowser Na         Super Mario
Bowser Jr.[A] Na Na Na    
Captain Falcon           F-Zero
Charizard[B] Na Na       Pokémon
Chrom[C] Na Na Na Na   Fire Emblem
Cloud Na Na Na DLC   Final Fantasy
Corrin Na Na Na DLC   Fire Emblem
Daisy[C] Na Na Na Na   Super Mario
Dark Pit[C] Na Na Na     Kid Icarus
Dark Samus[C] Na Na Na Na   Metroid
Diddy Kong Na Na       Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong          
Dr. Mario Na   Na     Super Mario
Duck Hunt[D] Na Na Na     Duck Hunt
Falco Na         Star Fox
Ganondorf Na         The Legend of Zelda
Greninja Na Na Na     Pokémon
Ice Climbers Na     Na   Ice Climber
Ike Na Na       Fire Emblem
Inkling Na Na Na Na   Splatoon
Ivysaur[B] Na Na   Na   Pokémon
King Dedede Na Na       Kirby
King K. Rool Na Na Na Na   Donkey Kong
Kirby           Kirby
Link           The Legend of Zelda
Little Mac Na Na Na     Punch-Out!!
Lucario Na Na       Pokémon
Lucas Na Na   DLC   EarthBound
Lucina[C] Na Na Na     Fire Emblem
Luigi           Super Mario
Marth Na         Fire Emblem
Mega Man Na Na Na     Mega Man
Meta Knight Na Na       Kirby
Mewtwo Na   Na DLC   Pokémon
Mii Brawler[E] Na Na Na     Mii
Mii Swordfighter[E] Na Na Na    
Mii Gunner[E] Na Na Na    
Mr. Game & Watch Na         Game & Watch
Ness           EarthBound
Olimar[F] Na Na       Pikmin
Pac-Man Na Na Na     Pac-Man
Palutena Na Na Na     Kid Icarus
Peach Na         Super Mario
Pichu Na   Na Na   Pokémon
Pit Na Na       Kid Icarus
Richter[C] Na Na Na Na   Castlevania
Ridley Na Na Na Na   Metroid
R.O.B. Na Na       Gyromite / Stack-Up
Robin Na Na Na     Fire Emblem
Rosalina & Luma Na Na Na     Super Mario
Roy Na   Na DLC   Fire Emblem
Ryu Na Na Na DLC   Street Fighter
Samus           Metroid
Sheik Na         The Legend of Zelda
Shulk Na Na Na     Xenoblade
Simon Na Na Na Na   Castlevania
Snake Na Na   Na   Metal Gear
Sonic Na Na       Sonic the Hedgehog
Squirtle[B] Na Na   Na   Pokémon
Toon Link Na Na       The Legend of Zelda
Villager Na Na Na     Animal Crossing
Wario Na Na       Wario
Wii Fit Trainer Na Na Na     Wii Fit
Wolf Na Na   Na   Star Fox
Yoshi           Yoshi
Young Link Na   Na Na   The Legend of Zelda
Zelda Na        
Zero Suit Samus Na Na       Metroid
Total 12 26 39 51 + 7 (DLC) = 58 73
  1. Bowser Jr.'s seiven alternate costumes chynge the chairacter's name an appearance tae be ane o the Koopalings: Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, or Ludwig.
  2. a b c In Super Smash Bros. Brawl an Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this Pokémon is leetit wi twa ithers unner the name "Pokémon Trainer" on the chairacter select screen. The Pokémon Trainer appears in the backgrund while the player taks direct control o Squirtle, Ivysaur, or Charizard, an can switch atween them in the battle. In 3DS/Wii U, anerly Charizard is available as a staundalane chairacter.
  3. a b c d e f In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the notit fechters are referred tae as "Echo Fighters," designatit wi an ε efter the nummer. Thae fechters coud be chuisen aither directly or throu chyngin costumes in the oreeginal fechter's selection box.
  4. Thare are slicht name variations atween NTSC an PAL versions. For the NTSC chairacters "Duck Hunt" an "Mii Swordfighter," PAL versions leets them as "Duck Hunt Duo" an "Mii Sword Fighter."
  5. a b c Brawler, Swordfighter, an Gunner are unner ane slot labeled as Mii Fighters.
  6. In 3DS/Wii U, fower o Olimar's alternate costumes chynge his name an appearance tae Alph, a chairacter frae Pikmin 3.


  1. Kent in Japan as 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ (Dai rantō sumasshu burazāzu)


Freemit airtinsEedit