Strom Thurmond (James Strom Thurmond; 5 December 190226 Juin, 2003) wis a senator from America. He wis senator of Sooth Carolina from 1956 to 2003. He is kent for bein the auldest senator in America at the age of 100.

James Strom Thurmond
United States Senator
frae Sooth Carolina
In office
November 7, 1956 – Januar 3, 2003
Precedit biThomas A. Wofford
Succeedit biLindsey Graham
In office
December 24, 1954 – Apryle 4, 1956
Precedit biCharles E. Daniel
Succeedit biThomas A. Wofford
103rd Govrenor o Sooth Carolina
In office
Januar 21, 1947 – Januar 16, 1951
LieutenantGeorge Bell Timmerman, Jr.
Precedit biRansome Judson Williams
Succeedit biJames F. Byrnes
99t, 102nt, & 104t Preses pro tempore o the Unitit States Senate
In office
Januar 3, 1981 – Januar 3, 1987
Precedit biWarren G. Magnuson
Succeedit biJohn C. Stennis
In office
Januar 3, 1995 – Januar 3, 2001
Precedit biRobert Byrd
Succeedit biRobert Byrd
In office
Januar 20, 2001 – Juin 6, 2001
Precedit biRobert Byrd
Succeedit biRobert Byrd
1st Preses pro tempore emeritus o the Unitit States Senate
In office
Juin 6, 2001 – Januar 3, 2003
Precedit bi(N/A - post creautit)
Succeedit biRobert Byrd
Personal details
Born5 December 1902(1902-12-05)
Edgefield, Sooth Carolina
Dee'd26 Juin 2003(2003-06-26) (aged 100)
Edgefield, Sooth Carolina
Poleetical pairtyStates Richts Democratic (1948-1954)
Democratic (1954-1964)
Republican (1964-2003)
Spoose(s)Jean Crouch (1947-1960) (deceased)
Nancy Janice Moore (1968-2003) (separatit 1991-2003)
Professionlawer, politeecian
ReligionSoothren Bapteest
AwairdsLegion o Merit (2)
Bronze Star wi valour
Purpie Hert
Warld War II Veectory Medal
European-African-Middle Eastren Campaign Medal
Order o the Croun
Croix de Guerre
Militar service
AllegianceUnited States o Americae
Service/brainchUnitit States Airmy
Unitit States Airmy Reserves
Years o service1942 - 1963
Rank Major General
Battles/warsWarld War II
*Normandy Campaign