Straucht ingine

The straucht or inline ingine is an Internal combustion ingine wi aw cylinders aligned in ane row an haein no offset. Uisually foond in fower, sax an aicht cylinder configurations, thay hae been uised in caurs, locomotives an aircraft.

4-cylinder straucht ingine scheme

A straucht ingine is considerably easier tae big than an otherwise equivalent horizontally opposed or V ingine, acause baith the cylinder bank an crankshaft can be milled frae a single metal castin, an it requires fewer cylinder heads an camshafts. In-line engines are an aw smawer in oweraw physical dimensions than designs sic as the radial, an can be mounted in ony direction. Straucht configurations are simpler than thair V-shaped counterparts.

Diagrams eedit