Stigma (Mind Assault album)

Stigma is the first full-length album bi the Sooth African melodic daith metal baund Mind Assault. Stigma wis released in Februar 2008. The album haes received lairgely positive reviews.[1]

The creation o “Stigma” eedit

The members o Mind Assault hae haed the opportunity tae gain a stranger sense o themselves since the beginnin o 2007. It wis at this juncture, when the line-up wis fully completit an aw o those elements which the foondin members haed sought oot wur finally in place, that the baund thocht it feasible tae think aboot an album.

It teuk some time, an a fair amoont o argument tae decide on which sangs tae include, an why. At the end o the day, “Stigma” is no so much an album as it is a compilation intendit tae showcase the abilities an spectrum o the baund.[2] The purpose o this creation wis twafauld:

1) Ower the years o tireless performin, there haes grown a public demand for guid quality recorded material frae Mind Assault.

2) If Mind Assault wur iver going tae achieve greater things than wur possible in Soothren Africae , then the baund woud require a “showcase” o sorts tae exhibit themselves tae prospective owerseas interest.

Towards these intents an purposes, Mind Assault regard “Stigma” as a demo album, recordit an produced independently on extremely limited resources, providit bi the baund members themsels. A limited number o copies wur pressed for sellin at events an through some businesses.[3]

Track leetin eedit

  1. My Donker
  2. Prison Of Flesh
  3. Innocent Blood
  4. Paint My Mind Black
  5. Hoekom
  6. Suffer
  7. Tranquil Thochts
  8. Rise Once Again
  9. Veroordeel
  10. Stadig Verblind
  11. We Will Prevail
  12. This Is The End
  13. Revenge

Reviews eedit

Baund members eedit

  • Jacques Fourie - Vocals
  • Francois Pretorius - Guitar
  • Patrick Davidson - Guitar
  • Donovan Tose - Bass
  • Andries Smit - Drums

Credits eedit

  • Mix an Master: Jarod Gunston
  • Ingineer: Theunis Cilliers
  • Airtwork: Brendon Thomas

Reference eedit

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