Sports caur

(Reguidit frae Sports caurs)

The term sports caur haes been defined as "an open, low-built, fast motor caur.

Porsche 911
Lotus Super 7, a fundamental sports caur



Sports caurs can be either luxurious or spartan, but drivin an mechanical performance is requisite. Mony drivers regard brand name an the subsequent racin reputation an history as important indications o sporting quality (for insaumple, Porsche, Lotus, or Ferrari), but some exotic caur brands, like Lamborghini, that dinnae race or bigg racin caurs, ar heich regardit bi sports caur enthusiasts an aw.

Sports caur versus sporting models


A caur may be a sportin automobile athout bein a sports caur. Performance modifications o regular, production caurs, like sport compacts, sports sedans, muscle caurs, hot hatches an the like, generally arnae considered sports caurs, yet share traits common tae sports caurs. They ar whiles cried "sports caurs" for mercatin purposes for increased advertisin an promotional purposes.

Sportcaur description

An important sports featur on the Skelta G-Force is that it is made o carbon fiber, makin it ultra-licht.

A sports caur disnae require a muckle, pouerfu engine, tho mony hae them. Mony classic Breetish sports caurs lackit pouerful engines, but wis kent for exceptional handlin due tae licht wecht; a weel-engineered, balanced chassis; an modren suspension (for example, Lotus Seven, Austin 7 Speedy). On ticht, twistin roads, a siclike sports caur mey perform mair effective than a hivier, mair pouerfu caur.