South Jamaica, Queens

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South Jamaica is a wirkin-cless neebourheid in the New York Ceety burgh o Queens, locatit sooth o dountoun Jamaica. Awtho a proper border haes no been established, the neebourheid is an oweraw subset o the greater Jamaica aurie which faces the Long Island Rail Road tracks, Jamaica Avenue an Liberty Avenue tae the north, the Van Wyck Expressway on the wast, an continues east toward Merrick Boulevard in the neebourin commonty o St. Albans. Ither primar thorofares o South Jamaica include Baisley, Foch, Linden, Guy R. Brewer an Sutphin Boulevards. South Jamaica is predominantly African-American wi strang majority o Afro-Caribbean strynd. In recent decades thare haes been an increase in the Hispanic commonty wi members frae Mexico, El Salvador, Puerto Rico an Dominican Republic. Guyanese an Bangladeshi mak up hingle o the lairger portion o newcomers tae the commonty. Bengalis can be foond maistly aroond Sutphin an Merrick Boulevards alang 145th, 153rd, 157th an 170th Streets an South Road, 105th, 107th an 109th Avenues. An aw a smaw population o Haitians, Pakistanis an Trinidadians live in this aurie.

The aurie is lairgely a middle-cless commonty consistin o suburban ane an twa-faimily hooses rangin frae colonials biggit aroond the 1960s tae new developments. A nummer o smawer apairtment biggins alang wi some public hoosin projects are locatit in the aurie an aw.

The AirTrain JFK route transports fowk atween Jamaica an JFK Internaitional Airport on its elevatit route ower the Van Wyck Expressway athout stoppin. A soothren extension o the New York Ceety Subway's IND Archer Avenue Line tae South Jamaica wis planned bi wey o the LIRR Atlantic Branch but no completit.

The Baisley Park Houses an South Jamaica Houses hoosin projects are locatit in this commonty as well as the Rochdale Village Co-op development. Baisley Pond Park haes ower 100 acres (0.40 km2) o ootdoor recreational space, includin a 30 acres (0.12 km2) pond.


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Coordinates: 40°40′51.06″N 73°47′30.78″W / 40.6808500°N 73.7918833°W / 40.6808500; -73.7918833