Sound Loaded is the saxth album bi the Puerto Rican sangster Ricky Martin, released bi Columbia Records on 14 November 2000. The album haes been creditit wi warldwide sales o ower aicht million copies an went Multi-Platinum in the Unitit States an several ither territories. This album is Martin's fowert mercatitd in the US, an is his seicont album in Inglis. It includes the hit singles "She Bangs" an "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely".

Sound Loaded
Studio album by Ricky Martin
Released14 November 2000 (2000-11-14)
RecorditMey 29—October 2000
GenreLatin pop, pop rock, dance-pop, warld muisic
ProducerWalter Afanasieff, Draco Rosa,
Desmond Child, Emilio Estefan,
George Noriega, Randall Barlow,
Steve Morales, Mark Taylor, K.C. Porter
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Ricky Martin
Sound Loaded
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Singles frae Sound Loaded
  1. "She Bangs"
    Released: 19 September 2000
  2. "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely"
    Released: 9 Januar 2001
  3. "Loaded"
    Released: 7 Aprile 2001
Profeesional ratins
Review scores
Springheid Ratin
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]
Slant Magazine 3/5 stars[2]
Yahoo! Music 7/10 stars[3]

When "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely" wis released as the album's seicont single, it wis turned intae a duet atween Martin an Christina Aguilera. Durin the single's release, the album wis sauld thegither wi the single, as Aguilera does no featur on the album version o the sang. Later shipments o the album featured the Aguilera duet in a slichtly different trackleet.

Chairt performance eedit

The album haes sauld ower aicht million copies, warldwide.[4] That nummer includes 1,679,000 copies sauld in the Unitit States.[5][6]

Sound Loaded peakit inside top ten in various kintras, includin nummer three in Australie, Spain, Canadae an Swaden, nummer fower in the Unitit States (317,000 copies sauld in the first week)[7] an Swisserland, nummer nine in New Zealand, an nummer ten in Italy. In the Unitit Kinrick, it reached nummer fowerteen.

The album wis certifeed 3× Platinum in Canadae, 2× Platinum in the Unitit States, Spain an Australie, an Platinum an Gowd in mony ither kintras. Efter sellin ane million copies in Europe, it wis certifee'd Platinum bi the IFPI.

The lead single, "She Bangs" reached nummer ane in Italy, Swaden, an on the Hot Latin Songs. The follae-up single, "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely" (duet wi Christina Aguilera) peakit at nummer ane in New Zealand, an the Spainyie-leid solo version, cried "Sólo Quiero Amarte" toppit the Hot Latin Songs for fower weeks.

Track leetin eedit

1."She Bangs"Desmond Child, Walter Afanasieff, Draco Rosa, Glenn Monroig, Julia Sierra, Danny LópezAfanasieff, Rosa4:41
2."Saint Tropez"Child, RosaChild4:48
3."Come to Me"Rosa, David Resnik, James GoodwinEmilio Estefan, Noriega4:33
4."Loaded"Jon Secada, Rosa, George NoriegaEstefan, Rosa, Noriega3:53
5."Nobody Wants to Be Lonely"Child, Victoria Shaw, Gary BurrChild5:05
6."Amor"Rosa, Randall Barlow, Liza QuintanaEstefan, Rosa, Barlow3:27
7."Jezabel"Child, Peter AmatoChild3:49
8."The Touch"Diane Warren, ChildChild4:27
9."One Night Man"Secada, Steve Morales, David Siegel, Manny López, Kara DioGuardiEstefan, Morales3:49
10."She Bangs" (Spainyie version)Child, Afanasieff, Rosa, Monroig, Sierra, D. LópezAfanasieff, Rosa4:36
11."Are You in It for Love"Child, Paul BarryTaylor4:06
12."Ven a Mí (Come tae Me)"Rosa, D. López, Resnik, GoodwinEstefan, Noriega4:33
13."If You Ever Saw Her"Mark Taylor, BarryTaylor3:50
14."Dame Más (Loaded)"Secada, Rosa, Noriega, Robert Blades, Ricardo Gaitán, Alberto GaitánEstefan, Rosa, Noriega3:53
15."Cambia la Piel"Pau DonésK.C. Porter5:13

Chairts an certifications eedit

Certifications eedit

Kintra Certification
Argentinae Gold[24]
Australie 2× Platinum[25]
Canadae 3× Platinum[26]
Europe Platinum[27]
Finland Gold[28]
Germany Gold[29]
Mexico Platinum + Gold[30]
New Zealand Platinum[31]
Norawa Gold[32]
Poland Gold[33]
Spain 2× Platinum[34]
Swaden Platinum[35]
Swisserland Gold[36]
Unitit Kinrick Platinum[37]
Unitit States 2× Platinum[38]

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