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The Sierra Nevada (/siˈɛrə nˈvɑːdə/ or /nˈvædə/, Spaingie: [ˈsjera neˈβaða], snawy range[6]) is a moontain range in the wastren Unitit States, atween the Central Valley o Californie an the Basin an Range Province.

Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada aerial.jpg
The Sierra's Mills Creek cirque (center) is on the wast side of the Sierra Crest, sooth o Mono Loch (tap, blue).
Heichest pynt
Peak Moont Whitney
Elevation 14,505 ft (4,421 m) [1]
Coordinates 36°34′43″N 118°17′31″W / 36.578580925°N 118.29199495°W / 36.578580925; -118.29199495Coordinates: 36°34′43″N 118°17′31″W / 36.578580925°N 118.29199495°W / 36.578580925; -118.29199495
Lenth 400 mi (640 km) north-sooth frae Fredonyer Pass tae Tehachapi Pass[2]
Weenth 65 mi (105 km) [3]
Aurie 24,370 sq mi (63,100 km2) [4]
Etymology 1777: Spainyie for "snawy moontain range"
Nickname the Sierra, the High Sierra, the Sierras, Range of Light (1894, John Muir)[5]
Sierra Nevada map.png
Poseetion o Sierra Nevada inside Californie
Kintra Unitit States
States Californie and Nevada
Range coordinates 37°43′51″N 119°34′22″W / 37.73083°N 119.57278°W / 37.73083; -119.57278
Age o rock Mesozoic
Teep o rock batholith and igneous


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