Shibin El Kom

(Reguidit frae Shibin el-Kom)

Shibin el Kom (Arabic: شبين الكومShibīn al Kawm IPA: [ʃeˈbiːn elˈkoːm]) is a ceety in Nile Delta, an the caipital o the Monufia Govrenorate.

The maist important central an local govrenment offices are locatit in the ceety, as well as the main branches o Menoufia University. The ceety haes several public an private schuils, hospitals, a lairge stadium, telecommunication central office o Telecom Egypt, internet service providers, organized tred unions (medical, commercial, agricultur, ingineerin, etc.), athletic teams, poleetical pairties an social organisations an a chamber o commerce.

While the ceety is no a new ane, its infrastructur is bein modrenized. The economy o the ceety depends on industry, commerce an tae a lesser extent on agricultur.

Recent statistical stimates (2006) show that the ceety haes a population o 0.63 million, which is 18.87% o the tot population o the governorate, wi a population density o 2010 persons per square kilometer (this includes the El-Batanoon, El-Sokareya, Bakhaty ,El_Rahb الراهب Istobari, El-Mey, El-Messilha, Melig مليج, Shanawan an Shubrakheet).

Coordinates: 30°33′N 31°00′E / 30.55°N 31°E / 30.55; 31