Scottish League One

The Scottish League One, kent for sponsorship raisons as the Ladbrokes League One,[1] is the third tier o the Scottish Professional Football League, the league competeetion for men's perfaisional fitbaw clubs in Scotland.

Scottish League One
Ladbrokes League 1
Foondit2013; 8 years ago (2013)
Nummer o teams10
Level on pyramid3
Promotion taeScottish Championship
Relegation taeScottish League Two
Domestic cup(s)Scottish Cup
League cup(s)Scottish League Cup
Scottish Challenge Cup
Current championsLivingston (1st teetle)[note 1]
Maist championshipsDunfermline Athletic
Greenock Morton
(1 teetle)[note 1]
TV partnersBBC Alba
2017–18 Scottish League One


  1. a b Scottish League One haes anly existit syne 2013. For a complete record o clubs that hae wan the Scots third tier, see Leet o winners o the Scottish League One an predecessors.


  1. "SPFL names Ladbrokes as sponsor in £4m deal". BBC News. 13 Mey 2015. Retrieved 13 Mey 2015.