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Scale or scales may refer to:

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Science an mathematicsEedit


  • Scale (anatomy), a rigid plate that growes oot o the skin o various animals
  • Scale (dermatology), a seicontar skin lesion in humans that resembles ainimal scales
  • Scale (insect anatomy), an anatomical featur o the wings o mochs an butterflees
  • Scale insect, a wauxy coatit ainimal that resemmles a fish scale
  • Scale, a teep o trichome, ony flat epidermal ootgrowthe in botany
  • Bulb scale, the storage layers o a plant bulb

Chemistry an materials scienceEedit

  • Scale (chemistry), the range o mass or vollum o a chemical reaction or process
  • Mill scale, the flaky surface on het rowed steel, consistin o airn oxides
  • Foolin, whiles cried scale, a bigup o unwantit substances on a submerged surface


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  • Mizan (Scale in Scots), a treatise on Islam bi Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
  • Scalability, a concept in computer science an electronics
  • Scalin (geometry), a linear transformation that enlairges or shrinks objects