Sarayköy is a toun an destrict o Denizli Province in Turkey, 20 km wast o the ceety o Denizli, on a plain atween muntains an watered bi Büyük Menderes River. The aurie is aroond 470 km², an the population (2010) is 29,854 o which 18,510 live in the toun o Sarayköy, an the rest in surroondin veelages.

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Sarayköy is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 37°55′35.24″N 28°55′35.99″E / 37.9264556°N 28.9266639°E / 37.9264556; 28.9266639
 • MayorOrhan Karaköse (CHP)
 • KaymakamAydın Abak
 • Destrict417.50 km2 (161.20 sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Destrict
 • Destrict density71/km2 (180/sq mi)
Post code
Road sign o Sarayköy ceety leemit.

Sarayköy is at a heich altitude inland frae the Mediterranean an sicweys haes het dry simmers an vera cauld winters. The muntain sides are maistly bare but thare are ongoin forestry projects.


The toun wis previously a veelage namit Sarıbey efter the Turkmen laird that settled his tribe here in the 14t century.

Sarayköy wis a important pynt o resistance tae the Greek airmy in the Turkis War o Unthirldom. Volunteers assembled here wur able tae defend the brig athort the River Menderes an sicweys prevent the Greeks frae occupyin the ceety o Denizli. Thare is a statue in the toun o a fechter in local efe costume tae commemorate this struggle.

Sarayköy the dayEedit

The major activity o the aurie is textile production (follaein in the fuitsteps o nearbi Babadağ), mainly weavin but some printin an sewin o beddin an ither hame textiles.

5,000 hames in the toun are heatit wi watter run aff frae the geothermal pouer station in the veelage o Kızıldere, which wis the first plant o its kynd in Turkey. Thare are plants near the pouer station makkin dry ice an bottlin carbon dioxide. The plain is irrigatit an maistly uised for growin cotton an thare is a lairge cotton storage an processin plant in the toun. Ither crops include figs, olives an apricots. Ither activities include limestane quarryin an coal minin.

Sarayköy is a mercat toun for the surroondin kintraside an aw.

Places o interestEedit

  • The Ahmetli Brig ower the Büyük Menderes river, 15 km frae Sarayköy tounship, dates back tae the Roman era. The middle section o the brig wis blown up as a defensive measur durin the Greco-Turkish War but wis reconstructit wi reinforcit concrete later on.

Notable nativesEedit


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