San Blas (Madrid)

San Blas is a destrict at the east o Madrid's ceety centre. The population o the destrict is estimatit in 149,909.[1]

San Blas
Location of San Blas
KintraSpain Spain
Aut. commontyFlag of the Community of Madrid.svg Madrid
MunicipalityEscudo de Madrid.svg Madrid
 • Total22.36 km2 (8.63 sq mi)
 • Density7,035.3/km2 (18,221/sq mi)
Madrid destrict nummer20



The destrict is admeenistratively dividit intae 8 wairds (Barrios):


The municipality o Canillejas wis ane o the auldest touns in the Commonty o Madrid, annexed tae the ceety in 1949. When Madrid wis dividit intae different districts, it did no manage tae recover the name o Canillejas as the name o the destrict, something different frae wha happened wi ither municipalities that conservit their names, such as Barajas, Vicálvaro, Carabanchel or Villaverde.


  1. Madrid Convive (2005). "Disrito San Blas" (pdf). (2005 estimation). Retrieved 2008-06-13.

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