Romeo an Juliet

o, romeo, romeo!

Romeo an Juliet is a tragedy scrieven bi William Shakespeare anent twa luvers frae feudin faimlies. It is airguably Shakespeare's maist weel kent wark an haes been adaptit monie times, maist kenspeckle in the 1996 pictur Romeo + Juliet that haed Leonardo DiCaprio in the heid role o Romeo an Claire Danes as Juliet.

Plot eedit

The play stairts wi chiels frae the rival Montague an Capulet faimilies haen a square gae at ilk ither on the gate. The Prince o Verona (a chiel cried Escalus) comes atweem thaim an spleets thaim frae ilk ither. He tells thaim that gin they haudna their peace, he'll hae them sortit. No lang efter, a laird cried Paris haes a blether wi the heid o the Capulet faimlie anent gettin haundfastit tae Capulet's dauchter - a bonnie young lassie cried Juliet. Capulet likesna the idea muckle, syne Juliet is ainlie thirteen yeir auld, bot tells Paris that he is mair nor walcome tae try an woo Juliet at the pairty the Capulets are haudin later that nicht gin that's whit he wants tae dae. Juliet's mither tries tae insense her dochter tae get hersel haundfastit tae Paris. Juliet tells her mither that she'll try tae faw in luve wi Paris, but wimna fenyie tae luve Paris gin she disna feel oniething for him.

In ither pairts, the son o Laird Montague, Romeo is wi his kizzen Bovario. Romeo seems tae be awfu douncast anent something, an Bovario ettles tae find oot whit it is. Romeo tells Bovario that he is in luve wi a lassie cried Rosaline that's Laird Capulet's niece. Bovario insenses Romeo tae scouk intil Capulet's pairty an win Rosalin's luve. Wi the help o Romeo's freend Mercutio, the three o thaim gangs til Capulet's pairty weirin masks. At the pairty he meets wi Juliet an straucht awa the twa faws in luve wi ilk ither. Romeo scouks intil the Capulet coortyaird, whaur he hears Juliet tellin o her luve fer him. Romeo caas out til her an the twa gree tae be mairriet that nicht. They gang til Lawrence, a Franciscan Friar that grees tae mairy the twa dairnlike, howpin that it'll bring the twa faimilies thegither.

Whan Juliet's het heidit kizzen Tyblat finds oot that Romeo wis at the pairty an brags him til a duel. Romeo refuises syne, tho naebodie kens anent the mairiage, Romeo wantsna tae fecht wi ane o his nain-fowk. Whan Mercutio decides tae fecht in Romeo's steid, he is kilt bi Tybalt. Romeo ettles tae be fitside on Tybalt, an kills him. The Prince then caws for Romeo tae quit Verona, an sends him awa. Unco sad at this, Juliet gangs til Friar Lawrence tae speir for help. Lawrence gies her a drog that pits her intil a coma for fowerty-twa oors sae's she can kythe tae be deid. While she is in the coma, Lawrence will send a message tae Romeo tellin him whit's taen place an speirin gin he'll come back, sae that he an Juliet can steal awa thegither. Juliet fakes tae be deid an is pitten intil the faimily crypt. Wanachancylike, the hail thing gaes wrang syne Romeo recievesna the message he's meant tae, an leirs that Juliet is deid frae his servand. Unco sad he gets for himsel a pusion an gangs til the crypt Juliet ligs in an sees Paris, wha haes come for tae grieve for Juliet. Paris sees Romeo an aw, an jalousin that he's a gangrel, sets aboot him. Romeo kills Paris in the strauchle, an says his final wirds o fareweel tae Juliet afore drinkin the pusion. Whan Juliet waukens an sees Paris an Romeo liggin deid she taks Romeo's dagger an kills hersel an aw, maugre o Lawrence speirin her tae rin awa. The Montagues an Capulets gangs intil the graff an finds the three liggin deid. Friar Lawrence descrieves tae thaim whit teuk place, an the twa faimilies is owercome wi an unco sake. The twa faimilies than grees tae pit an end til their fechtin an byde in peace wi ilk ither.