Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson (13 November 1850, in Edinburgh – 3 December 1894, in Vailima, Samoa) wis a Scots writer an poem-makar.[1]

Robert Louis Stevenson
Born13 November 1850
Dee'd3 December 1894
Vailima, Samoa

He is maist faur-kent for warks in the Inglis like Treisur Island an The Orra Case o Dr Jekyll an Mr Hyde. He writ beuks in Inglis wi Scots dialogue lik Kidinappit (that haes been fou owerset intae the Scots), The Master o Ballantrae an Weir o Hermiston.[2] He writ beuks in the Scots an aw, lik hauf the poems in his poetry beuk, Underwoods.[2]

His beuks deal aftttimes wi the guid an the ill (lik in The Orra Case o Dr Jekyll an Mr Hyde an in The Master o Ballantrae) an wi destiny.


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