Robert Knox, FRSE FRCSE MWS (4 September 1793 – 20 Dizember 1862) wis a Scots anatomist, zoologist, ethnologist an doctor. He wis the maist popular lecturer on anatomy in Britain, whaur he introducit the theory o transcendental anatomy, but is nou best kent for his involvement in the Burke an Hare murthers. Difficulty in obteenin cadavers for dissection efter the passage o the Anatomy Act an disagreements wi profeesional colleagues ruined his career, an a muive tae Lunnon did no impruive matters. His later pessimistic view o humanity contrastit sharply wi his youthful attachment tae the ideas o Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire.

Robert Knox c.1830

Knox devotit the latter pairt o his life tae theorisin on evolution an ethnologie. His wirk on the latter wis controversial, an wis uised tae justifee the view, shared widely bi his contemporars, that Anglo-Saxons are an innately superior fowk. This hairmit his legacy, an owershadaeed his contributions tae evolutionar theory. this is beautiful