The Protestant Reformation wis the schism within Wastren Christianity initiatit bi Martin Luther, John Calvin, an ither early Protestants. Altho thare haed been signeeficant attempts at reform afore Luther (notably those o John Wycliffe an Jan Huss), the date maist uisually gien for the stairt o the Protestant Reformation is 1517, when Luther published The Ninety-Five Theses, an for its conclusion in 1648 wi the Peace o Wastphalie that endit the European wars o releegion.[1] Luther stairtit bi criticisin the relatively recent practice o sellin indulgences, but the debate widened till it touched on mony o the doctrines an devotional practices o the Catholic Kirk.

"Life of Martin Luther and the Heroes of the Reformation"
Luther's 95 theses


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