Princess Marie Jeanne o Savoy

Princess Marie Jeanne o Savoy (Marie Jeanne Baptiste; 1 Januar 1665 - Mey 1705) wis a Princess o Savoy and the sixth dochter o Eugene Maurice o Savoy, Coont o Soissons an his wife Olympia Mancini (a neice o Cardinal Mazarin) She wis known as Mademoiselle de Soissons. She wis named in honour o Marie Jeanne o Savoy, Dowager Duchess o Savoy. She wis also a sister o the famous general "Prince Eugene o Savoy". She wis also a neice o Philippe Jules Mancini, Duke o Nevers.

Marie Jeanne o Savoy
Mademoiselle de Soissons
"Mademoiselle de Soissons" bi Pierre Mignard.
Born1 Januar 1665
Dee'dMey 1705 (aged 40)
Spousenever mairit
Issuenae childer
Full name
Fr : Marie Jeanne Baptiste de Savoie
it : Maria Giovanna Battista di Savoia
FaitherEugene Maurice o Savoy
MitherOlympia Mancini