Princess Marie Jeanne o Savoy

Princess Marie Jeanne o Savoy (Marie Jeanne Baptiste; 1 Januar 1665 - Mey 1705) wis a Princess o Savoy and the sixth dochter o Eugene Maurice o Savoy, Coont o Soissons an his wife Olympia Mancini (a neice o Cardinal Mazarin) She wis known as Mademoiselle de Soissons. She wis named in honour o Marie Jeanne o Savoy, Dowager Duchess o Savoy. She wis also a sister o the famous general "Prince Eugene o Savoy". She wis also a neice o Philippe Jules Mancini, Duke o Nevers.

Marie Jeanne o Savoy
Mademoiselle de Soissons
Mademoiselle de Soissons (1665–1705) AKA Princess Marie Jeanne of Savoy by Pierre Mignard.jpg
"Mademoiselle de Soissons" bi Pierre Mignard.
Born1 Januar 1665
Dee'dMey 1705 (aged 40)
Spousenever mairit
Issuenae childer
Full name
Fr : Marie Jeanne Baptiste de Savoie
it : Maria Giovanna Battista di Savoia
FaitherEugene Maurice o Savoy
MitherOlympia Mancini